Sunday, September 12, 2010

I-Tube already showing failure?

 It's been less than a week since DramaTube has transitioned over to the new name There are already allegations being made against the admins that they are allowing doc droppers on that site.. For those who are unaware of the term, a doc dropper is somebody who deliberately reveals somebody's personal information as a means to intimate and/or threaten that person. It's a very cowardly thing to do and the act is prohibited in almost every website's Term's of Service (Ning included) and illegal in most countries.

Whether the claim is valid or not it doesn't surprise me at all. It doesn't matter what candy bar wrapper a website goes under, the bullshit will continue if the same folks are managing the place. Did you know that MeanBlackDude is a doc dropper himself??! Oh yes he sure is because when Dramatube (aka I-tube) was in its 1st week of operation he actually committed such an act in one of his own blogs. A while back some young punks decided to record themselves torturing this poor cat and posted it on youtube. The video in question spread like wildfire and before you know it everyone was on the hunt to identify these kids and have them arrested.

During the process, some anonymous a-hole thought it'd be funny to randomly pick somebody's number off the phonebook, post it in a message board, and falsely claim it belonged to the animal abusers. The result of that was an elderly couple who had nothing to do with incident, were inundated with threatening phone calls. MeanBlackDude caught wind of this and posted the elderly couple's info in a blog and told members to harass them. He unknowingly perpetuated the problem like the idiotic and impulsive drunk that he is. His excuse? MBD said he drank too much at the time and that supposedly shields him from being held accountable for his actions.

That was one of my very first warning signs of MBD and I regrettably choose not to pay much attention to the incident. Here's a guy who was not only an admin, but a co-founder of a website and yet he couldn't even follow one of our most sacred rules. He not only made himself look bad, made me and Frag look bad, but also made the entire website look bad. Yet this guy is advertising this i-tube site and asking people to join??!!! I think not....


  1. Thit is pretty fucked up.
    I have actually closed my account as I was known there as TheDramaTube aka Psycho Hurricane.
    Lulz for Life But Fucking With Peoples Lives Is Never Cool Nor Funny EVER!
    I Advised MBD about a i-tube user known as Realman10000 who is behind the hate group at youtube "The Eggs" who have changed a official sexual offender registry by photo copying a Youtube partner"s Picture and name to make it apear he was a convicted pedophile this was my reason for deleting my account

  2. I've only seen this Realman1000 guy a few times on Dramatube/I-Tube. I don't know the guy personally but i had a bad vibe about him from the start. He seems like a real creepy moron and thanks for the heads up.